Saturday, 28 December 2013

White chocolate mirror glaze


This glaze has a pearly shimmer to it, it's so versatile & you can add food colour to it.
If you don't want to add food colouring then put a tablespoon of your favourite jam.
You can keep this refrigerated in an air tight container for up to 2 weeks. 

85g cream
20g water 
15g corn syrup
130g good quality white chocolate (melted)
2g gelatine dissolve in 1. Tbsp water
12g oil 
Few drops of food gel colouring 

Bring to boil the cream, water & corn syrup.
Pour over slowly to the melted white chocolates. 
Using a ballon whisk constantly whisk to combine, it will look curdle as soon as you add the liquid to the chocolate, but keep stirring and it will come together like thick syrup.
Once this is all combined add the soften gelatine and whisk until it has all dissolved then gradually the oil. This gives it a lovely shimmer and loosen it up. 
Add food colour to the colour you wish to achieve or jam. 
This glaze is ready to coat on a chilled cake when it is really thick, it should look like glucose syrup.

Tastes really good and so easy to make. 
You can use on mousse cakes and buttercream cakes. 

Decorate with mini orange macarons, recipe can be found here.
I also used chocolate lacquer glaze, recipe is here


  1. What type of cream

  2. Hi Ma'am .Can i use light corn syrup for this?

  3. hi mandy. i been looking it for a long time. thx alot.
    how if i don't have any corn syrup? what is the replacement?

  4. Hi Mandy, your cake are so inspiring. Thanks for sharing:) What kind of food coloring can i use. Can i use any food color even there's chocolate in the recipe? Thanks

    1. Hi Celeste,
      Use a food colouring that is gel based, I have used an orange gel colour in my glaze.

  5. Just tried your glaze today & it worked out perfect! Thanks for sharing recipe. Indefinitely going to use it again!

  6. hi mam.. regarding the oil... is this veg oil?

  7. hello!

    may I know if the glaze will be able to withstand in room temperature?

  8. Thanks for sharing your recipe! Quick question - this recipe is to be used for glazing 8, 9 or 10 inch cakes?

  9. Hi, I live in the US, what does the g stand for in... 85g cream? We use cups, teaspoons, and tablespoons. Can you convert 85g into what we use please.

    1. Hi! The 'g' stands for grams so 85g would be 2/3 cups. You can Google search the conversions, it breaks it all down for you. Hope this helped!

  10. Can you use this glaze over stablized whip cream? Making a strawberry cake with whip cream frosting. Hoping it will hold up.

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    2. I want to know that too! I'm making the same cake as you